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Employee Commitment Survey

The Employee Commitment Survey is the online measurement tool used to determine how employees feel about their workplace. The survey accounts for 50% of the evaluation score. There are 45 statements, 10 demographic questions and 2 open ended questions.

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Questions are grouped into the following categories:

  • Compensation and Benefits

  • Rewards and Recognition

  • Management/Employee Relations

  • Training and Development

  • Career Advancement

  • Employee Engagement

  • Environment and Facilities

  • Leadership

  • Reputation

  • Personal Enjoyment


It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete the survey. Each participating dealership will receive a list of employee pass codes, survey link, and instructions on how to access the survey. Pass codes will be provided once the Organizational Profile has been received.


Each participating organization will also receive a sample introduction letter to customize and send out to employees. If you need additional support, we will work with you to help develop and implement more robust internal communication plan. 

All surveys are anonymous and no individual survey data is provided back to participating organizations. Surveys are accessible through any desktop or mobile device. Online surveys are free.

Surveys are open for a two week period.

On-line and/or Paper

Most surveys are conducted on-line. However, if you require paper based surveys we will print and deliver them to your location. For paper surveys, you will need to assign someone to manage the distribution and collection process. Once all paper surveys are completed, courier them back to our data centre at:


CCEOC Data Centre

71 Broadway

Orangeville, ON  L9W 1K1 


We provide survey invitation services. This includes initial invitation, three reminders, and tracking of undeliverable/bounce-back emails. For this service we will need your employee email address list. 


Custom Questions

If you would like to add your own questions, you may do so. We can include up to 4 closed ended questions and one open ended question.


All surveys are available in French and English. If you have other language requirements, please let us know. We can usually accommodate. 


There are nominal processing and handling fees required for paper surveys, invitation service, custom questions and translation services. Please click on SHOP for pricing on all program options. Once we receive your order, we will contact you to confirm and finalize your requirements.

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